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Kolotibablo is a website that pays people to write a captcha, this website has been running for more than 5 years and always pay, I myself have felt the results so far. I get about $ 2 an hour, a day to work for 5 hours I have earned $ 10 per day with an input speed of 1000 captcha hour.

why I can get 2 $ / hour? because this website uses a system of rating, the higher your rating the nominal value that you can be more high, The ratings obtained on the basis of the number of captcha that has been inputted.

for an explanation of ratings please see below:

The beginner bonus: + 0% of total input captcha: 0
Younger Sticker Bonus: + 2% of the total input captcha: 100
The senior Sticker Bonus: + 5% total input captcha: 1000
Silver hammer bonus: + 8% of the total input captcha: 5000
Gold hammer bonus: + 10% of total input captcha number: 10000
the smith bonus: + 15% of the total input captcha: 18,000
The gold smith bonus: + 20% of the total input captcha: 30,000
Kuvaldo bonus: + 25% of total input captcha number: 50000
Gold kuvaldometr bonus: + 30% of the total input captcha: 80,000
T he younger borer bonus: + 35% of the total input captcha: 20000
The senior borer bonus: + 40% of the total input captcha: 170 000
Deformator bonus: + 50% of the total input captcha: 250 000

indeed when you are beginner level you will find it hard to get paid out, but trust me if you persevere you will achieve a profitable position and payment.

I provide software to speed up loading image captcha for site kolotibablo, download the  SOFWARE DOWNLOAD here for free

do order if the payment has reached $ 1 and will be at the next pay day.

WebMoney Register Here.


How to register on kolotibablo:
1 click the link or the link above, register your username and password
NOTE: you can create many account with same email and same wmz purse

2.Back to web money and create the purse account. you need a purse account to receive payment. then log back into the site kolotibablo who UDH you created earlier, then enter "WMZ purse" your example Z123456789011

3. if you use my software, please contact me -> its software for free.then I will teach the next step, if not please continue using the browser.

contact me at yahoo messenger : rony_sutji@yahoo.com

check out my payment proof below from kolotibablo

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